Guido Duijn 

I’m a freelance 2D animator from The Netherlands.
Currently I’m working on Amazon Prime’s Undone at Submarine Amsterdam but I’m always on the look for new challenges in Animation, Storyboarding and Illustration.
With my work, I would like to inspire people and address issues that are important to me. Animations might not save lives, but it does change them. We as animation artists are working with a relatively young medium that offers endless possibilities which are yet to be discovered. Animation is more animated than ever!

Curious about the possibilities? or want more information? Let’s get in contact!

Guido Duijn

10-year old me sat behind the computer late at night. As the whole world was asleep, I was creating my own worlds. After a long night of hard work, my first animation was finished. This experience led me to realize I was going to be an animator.

At age 13 I joined a film club. I was drawn to writing and directing and soon made my own films. My first independent short film was made for Shoot Your Shot and won second place. This was the first time I connected with a real audience and took them into my world. After high school, I studied audio-visual design at Mediacollege in Amsterdam. There I learned more about filmmaking, photography, lighting and sound design. After school hours, I participated in voluntary internships at animation studios; I got to work at film festivals and teach workshops, which kept me busy. Around this time, I was also uploading my animations onto YouTube. The channel grew to over 100.000 subscribers. The attention and support I received meant a great deal to me, but ultimately I moved on to focus on creating story-driven animations and achieving my dream of working in the industry.


• 1. Get in contact, together we’ll discuss the possibilities.

• 2. I’ll send an appealing quotation.  

• 3. After your approval, you’ll receive an order confirmation
and I’ll start production.

• 4. I deliver the product. If you have any feedback I am open to make any adjustments.

• 5. When you are satisfied with the end product I will send the invoice.