Schapedrift Ermelo

For sheep farm and visitor center ‘Schapedrift’ I got the chance to animate nine educational animations, as well as a 360° Tour.

Museum Kids

Together with Illustrator/Animator Johan Klungel I made a series of short animations for museum kids, as well as coloring in animations for “de Boterhamshow” and Klungel’s comic book “Het ding op het plein”.

Don’t Feed the Reptiles (2018)

‘Don’t Feed the Reptiles’ is my first animated short film.
The whole animation is animated on paper.

Ocean and Yosh (a crocodile and his dinosaur friend) get locked up.
after a series of failed escape attempts, Yosh shows up with his last escape-plan…

Awards & Festival selections
• 2nd juryprice Shoot Your Shot #14
• 2nd place public vote Shoot Your Shot #14
Shoot Your Shot is a yearly filmcompetition organised by de Toneelschuur Haarlem. 

Cinekid for Professionals selection (2019)
Cinekid is the world’s largest children-mediafestival

BEAM THIS (2019)

BYOB (2019)
BYOB is part of NFF (Netherlands film festival)

Watch ‘Don’t Feed the Reptiles’ on YouTube.

Loutkar (2019)

‘Loutkar’ is my second animated short film.
The film is digitally animated in combination with taxidermy stopmotion.
(second cut of the film still in production)

The young mouse Mocha gets warned to look out for foxes. but as Mocha loses his favorite toy he goes on a search bumping into a fox on the way…

• 2nd juryprice Shoot Your Shot #15
• 3rd place public vote Shoot Your Shot #15
Shoot Your Shot is a yearly filmcompetition organized by de Toneelschuur Haarlem. 

BEAM THIS (2020)


Since 2013 I’ve been making content on YouTube and gained over 140,000 subscribers and 20 million views.

Next to over 100 animations ‘YoshTea’ is also proudly the largest channel in 360° Animation.

Over the years I have worked with: TVPaint, Huion, Amino, Gaomon and XP-Pen